Monday, February 25, 2008

addiction and recovery...only one step!

It started off innocently enough. At bedtime and naptime, we’d pop a binky in baby b.’s mouth, and after a few minutes of rocking, he was ready to go to sleep. In the morning he would wave bye-bye to his binky and leave it in the crib and toddle off to play. He is what people refer to as an easy baby.

I think it was day nine of Llama Papa’s Siberia trip that I thought, “Oh, who cares?” Baby b. was fussy, so I just let him have the binky. All day. It went downhill from there.

Last Monday, if it wasn’t in his mouth, he was unhappy. “Ba! Ba!” He shouted. He even climbed up into his crib to get a “hit.” If I reached for him, he shook his head “no,” happily lying in his bed, sucking away. At ten o’clock in the morning.

You know it’s out of hand when even a six year old notices.

Twin A. was getting ready for school, baby b. was fussing, and we were all frantically looking for a binky when he said, “Why don’t you just take that thing away? He’s not a baby anymore. The kid’s almost two!”


So, we did. Last week, baby b. went cold turkey. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. He asked for his “ba” a few times, but by the second day, he was pretty much over it.

I love to see his smiling face again and listen to him babble.

Detox hasn’t been without its moments. We’ve had a few 2 a.m. crying jags, and it was touch and go yesterday at church when he saw his little friend and was staring curiously at the binky in her mouth.

The transition from baby to toddler is truly amazing. One minute, they’re in your arms, the next minute, they’re off.

My baby is growing up! And that, my friends, is a good thing.


chrissy said...

Congratulations on the victory!!

FrazzMom said...

That, my friend, is the advantage of the binky... Having done it both ways- I can testify that it is much harder to go cold turkey with a thumb! Oh sure, in the beginning it seems to be the better path- you can't lose it in the middle of the night, it's always with you, it's the perfect God-designed comfort item.

UNTIL the orthodontist has to intstall a palate expander AND your mother has to turn a key in the roof of your mouth every night to push your jaw outward AND you have to pay $900.00 to said orthodontist- that is.

That my friend, is when it becomes apparent that the binky was a wiser choice!

Don Mills Diva said...

That wasn't so bad! Your baby is growing up...

Craver Vii said...

It sounds like a successful binky intervention. :-)

Christine @ Serenity How? said...

We had one of each: one thumb sucker and one binky addicted baby.

It's good that you got rid of the binkys. I waited too long and it was much harder that way.

Good job! :-)

Llama Momma said...

chrissy -- thanks! It does feel like an accomplishment.

frazzmom -- The twins were recently at their dentist and he mentioned that he'd like to see the baby, just to do an initial assessment and make sure all is well. I had the first thoughts of ditching the binky then. Nothing like thoughts of an orthodontist to move things along!!

don mills diva -- not TOO bad. Though if you would have asked me at 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning, I might have answered differently.

Craver -- LOVE those interventions. ;-)

Christine -- I almost didn't write this post because I didn't want any Moms to read it and feel guilty. I am not a believer in guilt, just for the record. :-)

david mcmahon said...

I can so identify with you. They grow up TOO quickly. I'm a proud Dad of three.

Came here from Craver's site.

Anonymous said...

I did cold turkey with my first and it wasn't too bad either. My second is a paci addict also, but selfishly I don't want it to disappear. It is so handy in those public meltdown moments. Maybe I'm just as much of an addict :)

Gourmama said...

You are so brave - but your success story is making me contemplate a "cold turkey" binky day of my own. Tomorrow. Or the next day. :)