Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Very Expensive Soup and an explanation

By request, the Expensive Soup Story is below. And by way of explanation, I haven’t given up blogging forever. I just need to be more focused on my writing, and am considering setting up a REAL website with a REAL author’s blog. More on that soon. Plus I’m working through some personal issues—nothing dramatic—just stuff I don’t feel comfortable blogging about.

So without further ado, the Story of The Expensive Soup:

It was a rainy, cool night in Door County, our last night of vacation, and we were looking for a restaurant for dinner. After a bit of googling, I found the perfect place. The Summer Kitchen, featuring a soup bar with five homemade soups made fresh every day. Perfect.

We walked in with our three starving, slightly melted down children, were greeted warmly, and seated on the back porch. The ambiance was lovely and the waitress brought water for all of us and invited us to check out the soup bar.

The kids weren’t too excited about the selections—cabbage, tortilla, and I can’t remember what else.

And then we opened the menu. The soup bar was $15.95. Each. A cup of soup? $10.95. Ridiculous.

But it was almost 7:00 at this point, pouring rain outside, and the boys were at their breaking point. Do we walk out? And go where?

No. We stayed and ate Very Expensive Soup and Weird Lasagna and Very Expensive Hot Dogs.

Crazy. But you know what? We were able to laugh about it, and that’s worth something. The Very Expensive Soup will go down in the history of our family as a night to remember.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I keep writing posts in my mind, but not posting them.

And, honestly, I have no desire to post them. Not really.

Life is full and I'm sorting through some difficult things in real life. Things I can't blog about.

So, I'm officially taking a break. I'll be back. (I think!)