Saturday, June 16, 2007

one thing

Sweaty and tired, I slap the teak oil onto the chairs. It’s getting dark, and I don’t care anymore. I just want to be done. One thing. I just want to finish one thing today. Well, one thing besides the housework and the dishes and the laundry and the constant cooking.

“Those will look nice when you’re done,” my neighbor encourages from over the fence.
“Thanks. I’ve been trying to get this project done literally all day.” I respond with a tone of irritation.
“Oh, I remember those days,” she says.
“Is it too much to just start and finish a project in the same day?” I wonder aloud as she smiles.
We are on different sides of parenting, she and I. Our swing set went up the summer theirs came down. Three kids, the last one a senior this year, she has walked roads I haven’t even considered yet.
We chat politely, even as I envy her manicured lawn free of plastic toys.
“I saw you and the kids walking to the pool the other day. Boy does that bring back memories! Those were good days,” she continues, with envy in her eyes.

And as the sun sets, I finally finish the one thing I’ve been trying to do all day. I know she is right. These are good days. Long. Hard. Messy. But so good.


The Queen of Sci Fi said...

Great to remember that THESE are the good days! :) Your site looks great by the way!

Christy said...

I didn't even get the housework, laundry and dishes done, much less a project! But you're right, these are good days, although it is hard to remember that sometimes.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting and praying! I emailed in response to your comment, then realized that you didn't have your email address on there. But it gave me a chance to come visit your blog, anyway! I love the design.

Llama Momma said...

Maria - thank you!

Christy - Thanks for stopping by. I pray these next six months pass quickly for you, but not so quickly you can't savor a few of the moments with your little ones. The days are long, and will feel longer with your husband gone.

This is silly, but sometimes I imagine myself as a very old woman in my house alone. And not just alone, but lonely. I can always muster up the energy for bedtime stories and cuddles after this. (Not that a traveling-for-work husband can be compared to a deployed-to-Iraq husband.)


Lara said...

Very well said. It always comes down to perspective doesn't it? I'm glad you were at least able to finish your "one thing". What chairs were you oiling?

Hope you had an hour or two of quiet after that with Baby B. The noisy boys seemed to be having fun with their Papa & Grandpa (and my girls were enjoyed their company and cotton candy).

L.L. Barkat said...

Great new look!

Yes, these are the days. And it's so good to hear your story reflecting on that.

I can just picture you out there with the Big Wheels and the sprinkler and a healthy splotch of teak oil on your left cheek. :)

Llama Momma said...

AMM - I scrubbed our patio furniture and brushed them with teak oil. It's a big, messy job! Glad to have it done, though. Yes, the boys had fun at the "big game," and I enjoyed my relatively quiet house! (Though baby b. always looks kind of lost when it's just him and me. Too quiet for him, I'm sure!)

LL - Add a plastic pool, a couple of tractors, and a bunch of water toys and you've got a pretty good picture!

Raising Cains said...

nice new look!

and i agree, all those experienced moms can't be wrong. so we try to embrace it in all it's tiring glory.

Anonymous said...

I also love the new look!

It's interesting to think that whatever kind of days we're having, they were all ordered ahead of time. The Lord leads us to the days he has already prepared for us. It's also great to know that whatever days we wish we were having, someone else is having and wishing they were not. Accepting our own days is truly a gift.

spaghettipie said...

Good reminders from you and all of the comments. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can't get more done in a day, but I know when I look back on these times of playing with my daughter, snuggling and chasing her around the house as she screeches with delight that it will be worth it.

On a practical note, I've started breaking my projects down into smaller chunks (20 minutes, 1 hour) that I can complete and feel good, without being overwhelmed.

Llama Momma said...

"It's also great to know that whatever days we wish we were having, someone else is having and wishing they were not. Accepting our own days is truly a gift."

So true, Charity, and I love the way you say this. May each of us have the grace to accept our days.

SP -- My downfall on this project was that each chunk of the job took well over an hour. A table and six chairs that all needed to be moved, scrubbed, rinsed, left to dry, and then brushed with teak oil. I probably should have done it over two days, but I just wanted to get it done!

Cara said...

Aw, this is a sweet post :) And I'm impressed that your dishes are done! Mine are always a work in progress :o)