Sunday, December 31, 2006

speaking of sleep

"Hey, let's take a trip for New Year's. We can stay in a hotel with a pool and visit friends. It'll be fun!"
"Sure. It'll be kind of a mini-vacation."

That was my husband and me three weeks ago. What were we thinking?? Vacation with three young children? Are you kidding me? There are a number of problems with this situation. First of all, we are all sleeping in the same room. (And I do use the term "sleeping" loosely.) Second, Mom's don't get least not with their families. And third, my husband is sick. He's been fighting a cold all week, but now it's turned into more of a flu thing. So here we are. "Vacation." This is the stuff memories are made of, right?

Our time with friends was wonderful. They're family kind of friends, the best kind to have, and time with them recharges our souls. So for the time with them, maybe this is all worth it. Maybe.

At least the hotel has wireless access. There goes the banjo again...a hotel on New Year's Eve...what WERE we thinking?

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Anonymous said... vacations, nothing like them!!