Sunday, December 3, 2006

Highly Stressed Spring

My boys love to take things apart. About a year ago my husband’s tape measure broke, so he let the twins open it, just to see how it worked. They were impressed, to say the least! Andrew was especially impressed with the warning printed on the inside: Do Not Open. Highly Stressed Spring.

We recently bought a new CD player, so Paul helped the boys take the old, broken one apart this afternoon. They oohed and ahhhed over all of the pieces, curiously looking them over and asking questions. Then out of the blue Andrew asked, “Dad? Is there a highly stressed spring in here?”

There wasn’t, but neither of us could believe he still remembered such an uncommon term. This is especially funny to me because I often wonder if my children are brain damaged. Seriously. Just this morning I found a photo from our refrigerator cut into little pieces. Bryce claimed ignorance:“Is that against the rules?”

Um. Yeah.

But apparently something is sticking. Highly stressed springs for instance. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Aren't kids great?! My 8 year old and I were in the kitchen. He gets excited and points up and says "Hey what is that?? Is that a cocoon? Is that one of those little munchkin guys?? You know a butterfly??"
I look up and say,"No, it's a cobweb." I just LOVE that he can see a butterfly and I see cobwebs.

Anonymous said...

I had a highly stressed spring. Summer wasn't a piece of cake, either.