Wednesday, December 6, 2006

And with my other boy...

Me: Who’s going to make my breakfast today?
Bryce: YOU!
Me: What? You’re not going to make my breakfast for me?
Bryce: No! We’re not ALLOWED to make breakfast.
Me: What? Not allowed to make breakfast? What kind of mother do you have?
Bryce: A MOTHER mother.
Me: What’s a MOTHER mother?
Bryce: You know. A MOTHER mother!
Me: What does a MOTHER mother do?
Bryce: Cook.
Me: Anything else?
Bryce: Hug. Kiss. You know…EVERYTHING!

Aw, shucks. ☺


Anonymous said...

How's the homemade cheese coming along?

Anonymous said...

fine, fine! And how is that sweet dog of yours? Have you fed him yet? :-)