Saturday, December 30, 2006

a good night's sleep

Yesterday, my honey and I went on a date. A real, live, no-kids-not-even-the-baby date. (And as a bonus, the boys LOVE the new sitter we tried out!) But back to my date. Even after almost ten years of marriage, my husband is still my favorite person to hang around with. And hang around we did! We did some shopping for the noisy boys' birthday, and then bought our Christmas gift to eachother--new sheets and pillows. We had agreed to forego gifts under the tree for eachother so we'd be able to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales and treat ourselves to some really fine bedding. It's been way too long since we replaced our bedding. Could it be...ten years? Quite possibly. So we splurged. Sheets, pillowcases, new feather pillows, the works! In the end, we spent $500 on this stuff. And that's with everything half off! But that 600-thread count egyptian doesn't get any better than that.

Okay, and since I've come right out with that obscene number, why is it that you can buy a flat sheet on sale for $99 and the pillowcase to match costs $60?

And why is it that we spend all week trying to have a conversation in between interruptions from the children, and as soon as we're in the van alone, neither of us have anything to say? Isn't that weird? Does this happen to anyone else? Of course, the silence didn't last long...not with me in the van!

Merry Christmas, honey! And thanks for the great date! ;-)


A Musing Mom said...

You'll be living a life of luxury now. I can picture it: the noisy boys charging into your room in the morning, trying to rouse you from peaceful slumber. But you? You roll over and pull that fluffy feather pillow over your ears, tune out the ruckus and drift back to sleep in 600 thread-count bliss. Okay, maybe not. But enjoy! Sounds like a great gift.

Anonymous said...

I love sleeping on new luxurious sheets! Enjoy because it won't happen again for another 10 years or so!!