Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day

“Mom?” my child whispers into the too-early morning. I was up with him at two, and between a headache and way too many deep thoughts, couldn’t fall back asleep until four. I roll over and wake my husband.

“Can you help him?” I ask.

He climbs out of bed without complaint, and then it hits me.

“It’s Father’s Day. I just woke you up at five-thirty in the morning on father’s day so I could sleep in.”

“It’s okay, honey.” He tiptoes out of the room, closing our bedroom door behind him so I can go back to sleep.

This is just one of about two thousand reasons why he is such a great husband and father. Happy Father’s Day, honey!

And if you need a nap later today? I’m on it.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... He's a keeper (but you already knew that!).

Hope P has a great Father's Day!

LeeAnn (AKA FrazzMom)

Anonymous said...

hope it's a good day for ya'll.

Kelsey said...

Have a wonderful fathers day!

Erika Haub said...

I totally laughed when I read this because I almost always wake up with the kiddos in the morning and get up with them first while Doug catches those last precious moments of morning sleep, but yesterday I completely slept through all three of them waking up and coming out (we are sleeping in our living room at the moment :)). So of course on Father's Day, Doug has to wake up early and get up with the kids.

mommanator said...

yes he is a keeper, but it sounds like my honey would do the same thing! He's a keeper too- only 39 years now!