Saturday, January 16, 2010

downtown disney

“I can’t stop saying ‘thank you,’” Twin B. said. He and I were the first ones up, so we snuck out of the Disnyland hotel and wandered around Downtown Disney and shared some warm beignets from the Jazz Kitchen.

The Christmas decorations were dazzling, and even though it was a chilly morning in California, it was nothing compared to the temperatures we’d left behind in Chicago. It felt great to wander without boots and hats and gloves and coats.

Soon, Llama Papa and the other two boys joined us, and we had breakfast and decided to head straight to Toon Town to meet Mickey Mouse, and then go from there.

That first day was full of Pixie dust and exclamations of, “I can’t believe we’re really here!” We all rested in the afternoon, then headed back to the park in the evening for a few hours. Disneyland at night during Christmastime is pure magic.

With a two-hour time difference and exhausted kids, we never did stay late enough for fireworks. Even on our “late nights” we were in bed by 8 or 8:30. Which brings me to my first bit of advice for families traveling to Disney with young children: When you walk through the gate, promptly forget how much it costs to be there. If you’re busy trying to “get your money’s worth,” you’ll have a miserable time and so will your kids. Dumbo or Die is a bad plan.

Rest in the afternoon. Go to bed at a decent hour. Eat well. These basics go a long way in ensuring everyone has fun during the day.

The noisy boys loved Space Mountain. Llama Papa did not. And the preschooler? His favorite ride was the monorail that took us back and forth from the hotel.

to be continued…


Learning Daily - Kiya said...

love the suggestions. We head out there next month w/ a 2 & 5 yr old.

Sues said...

I love the joy!!!

Paul Whitlock said...

For the record, I didn't mind Space Mountain the ride. What I don't care for is the space mountain headache the I get for the rest of the day after riding it once. :-)

Kiya, we really liked "The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland" or the version for which ever park you are going to. It really helped a lot and we would see other people consulting it while waiting in a line like. And Fast Passes rock!

Llama Papa