Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WFMW - birthday cards

Since the noisy boys started Kindergarten last fall, they get invited to their fair share of birthday parties. Early on, I thought I would just decline many of the invitations. After all, you can’t be friends with everyone.

But my perspective changed radically as I saw each of the boys struggle to find his place in his own classroom, away from his twin brother. Making friends on their own was no small thing, and I began to welcome the birthday party invitation.

I have two Kindergarteners, each in their own class with at least a dozen other boys. That’s a lot of birthday parties.

One of the ways I like to keep costs down is to have the boys make a birthday card for their friend. The noisy boys choose a card from this website, and then personalize it with their own message and coloring. They have cool themes like Spiderman and Batman, and at this stage, the boys love making something for their friend.

And the best part? It’s free! Three bucks isn’t that much money, but three bucks twenty-four times over the course of the school year is!

Making our own birthday cards works for me. Head over to Shannon’s for more great tips!

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MamaToo said...

just in time! Thanks for the tip - and link. I like homemade better, anyway. It's hard for the boys to purchase their own gifts, but easy to make something like this be their contribution!