Friday, March 7, 2008

q-tips and marriage

A few days ago I was driving to the gym when my ear started feeling itchy, so I scratched it. Imagine my surprise when a huge glob of ear wax came out. And I do mean huge. (I sincerely apologize if you’re trying to eat lunch and read this at the same time.)

This got me thinking about my marriage. (I know, I am just romantic that way.)

Over the past few weeks, almost every time we get in the van to drive somewhere, Llama Papa and I end up frustrated with each other. For instance, Llama Papa says, “What do you think we should do for Spring break this year?”

“What?” I ask.



“Never mind.”

And I say, “What? What were you going to say? You never talk to me. Why don’t you ever talk to me?”

“I do talk to you, but you don’t listen.”

“I’m listening. Tell me!”

“What do you want to do for Spring break this year?”

“Would you please stop mumbling? I can’t understand you when you mumble.”

“Oh, never mind!”

I’m sure nobody reading this can relate.

Honestly, until a few days ago I chalked the whole thing up to Bad Communication in Marriage and started to wonder if maybe we needed some marriage counseling.

I am really good at being right. But like everyone else, I don’t know what I don’t know. I need to keep in mind that things are not always as they appear.

Sometimes we need marriage counseling. Other times, we just need a box of q-tips.


FrazzMom said...

A year or so ago, Teenage Daughter went through a 'selective listening' phase and I was getting really frustrated with her... Then one day I walked into the room and said something to her (which she ignored), irritated, I repeated myself more loudly at which point she startled. It was then I realized that maybe she really wasn't hearing me.

Long story short- a trip to the doctor confirmed that one ear was full of fluid and she had no hearing whatsoever on that side!

Yet another mother of the year award down the drain...

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive revelation - I mean who would've thought - bad communication or ear wax?

I think you should write an article about that!

chrissy said...

Ear wax build-up can lead to horrible communication, lesson learned!!!
So have you answered his question yet?!

Liberty said...

I don't mean to laugh so hard but that is funny. I totally relate. :)

MamaToo said...

So, what are you doing for spring break this year?

Llama Momma said...

mamatoo -- we went to the zoo today and talked on the way...we're thinking about a little jaunt to Indianapolis, but we haven't decided for sure yet. :-)

Christine, Queen of the Crazies said...

I'm so glad that's all it was. A box of Q-tips is so much cheaper than counseling. :-)