Tuesday, September 4, 2007

road trip

Top Ten Reasons to take a Family Trip

10. Listening to Adventures in Odyssey on tape.

9. Eating in Diners.

8. Learning things about your children you never knew before. Like the fact that their bladders can completely fill up in less than fifteen minutes.

7. Staying at family friendly hotels that don’t mind when a one-year old guest hangs out in the lobby for an hour while his big brothers sleep in.

6. Leapsters

5. Laughing together. What else can you do when you’ve stopped four times in the past hour and someone has to go? Again?

4. Learning to wing it. As a planner / control freak, this is hard for me. But what else can you do when virtually everything is unknown and new territory?

3. Acquiring special travel toys. Like this. (The picture doesn’t do it justice. This thing is almost as big as the noisy boys. And, of course, we have two of them now.)

2. Making memories with far-away family. Playing ping-pong in my Uncle’s basement was Twin B’s favorite thing from the entire vacation.

1. Watching your one-year old share an ice cream cone with his Great Grandfather. Worth the whole trip.


spaghettipie said...

okay that spiderman kind of creeps me out...

Jenny from Chicago said...

Love the post. Makes me kind of homesick for my great-grandfather.

Llama Momma said...

SP -- Ha! You should see them in real life! It's like I've suddenly got two more kids...only they're both red.

Jenny -- Thanks! And, yes. :-)

Nikki S. said...

Hello! I'm visiting you, too!

I love the name of your blog...and that you really are a llama momma! So cool!

Thanks for you encouraging words over at my place. We're still trying but not trying, waiting to see what God does.

Georgia Mom said...

My kids love Adventures In Odyssey and Leapsters! I love the comment about "sharing ice cream with his Great Grandfather." What a precious memory!!

Llama Momma said...

Nikki & Georgia Mom -- thanks for stopping by!