Tuesday, September 25, 2007

first steps

Baby b. stood up in the middle of the floor, like he’s done a dozen times in the past week. But instead of sitting back down, he toddled across the room. Not to me, or his brothers, or his dad, but to our cleaning lady.

It brought a tear to my eye.

And not because our child finally walks, but because in order to truthfully recount this story, I have to admit that I pay someone to clean my house twice a month. So there it is. Judge me if you will. It is what it is, people. And today, it’s a beautiful thing! (And, for the record, our cleaning lady was thrilled to share this moment with us.)


Emily said...

Yay he is walking!

Good for you with the cleaning lady! I want one. Someday, I figure, I will pay someone, help someone earn a living....yeah, to clean my house.

Frazzmom said...

What a beautiful memory!

Oh and as far as the cleaning lady goes? You are simply investing in the local economy!

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

mothers of small children - or any of the rest of us for that matter - could always use a bit of help! Good for you.

Thanks for your comment - I do always appreciate them. I think we have a mutual friend in Craver and that in fact, you don't live too far away from is family. If that is so, I would love to meet you so we could discuss some of these things in person. Who knows, perhaps we have already met and we just don't realize it!

Jenny from Chicago said...

Good for you! Send her over to my house after she's done okay?

Llama Momma said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind words. I don't know why it feels like a public admission of failure to admit to having household help...but, it's out there: I can't do it all. Not even close!!

Llama Momma said...

And, Susan -- send an email to Craver and he'll pass on my email address to you! I'd love to chat "offline."

Georgia Mom said...

Yea, for the cleaning lady!!! I had one for a long time, had to cancel them. But, as soon as I can get them scheduled, I'm getting back on their rotation! There's no shame in having your house cleaned! I'm sure the cleaning lady, doesn't cook your family dinner, wash your 15 loads of laundry a week, put band aids on skinned knees, tuck children into to bed, put puzzles together, help at your kids school, balance the checkbook, pray with a friend in need, give bathes or listen when your husband wants to complain about work. No, my friend... those are all yours!!! As Moms, we do enough. If we have the financial means to pay someone to clean our house, then I say BRING THEM ON!!!

Georgia Mom

MamaToo said...

The beauty in a cleaning lady is that (twice a month), the entire house is clean, all at one time. There is nothing quite as satisfying as walking room to room, smelling & seeing cleanliness. Now Baby B can walk with you!

In my experience, this cannot be done alone - inevitably, a Mama works behind (and in front of) impending mess! Relish those moments twice a month - they are precious gifts.

Llama Momma said...

Georgia Mom -- thank you! Yes, my plate is overflowing whether I clean the toilets myself or not. Someday I'll clean my own house again, but for now, having the means to pay a cleaning service is such a blessing. Honestly, it's like buying time -- the one thing money can't buy!

mamatoo -- Yes, "all clean at the same time" only happens twice a month. The joke is that I now sweep and mop several times a day, yet my floor is always cruddy!!