Friday, May 4, 2007


Have you ever watched a group of five and six year olds play t-ball? What a blast! On the way to our first ever “real” game, Twin B. commented, “T-ball is sure tricky, and I’m kind of bad at catching. But tonight’s the big night!”

Twin A. nervously agreed, “We just have to have fun and be a good sport,” he added. He likes to do things well right off the bat, so T-ball is challenging him in a good way. It will take time, practice and perseverance to learn to play well.

The game itself was hilarious. What the kids lacked in skill they made up in enthusiasm. Never mind that the coach had to tell them where to stand and what to do and where to run. “First base! Run to first base,” he would shout to the batter, pointing him in the right direction after he hit the ball. Those kids had a good time. (Well, except for the one boy who just sat down in the middle of the field. I don’t think he was having much fun.)

Our community places great value on giving kids these opportunities, and I do too, but it got me thinking: do I give my kids a variety of opportunities to serve God? I signed them up for t-ball and soccer and swimming, hoping to find a sport they’re each good at. How can I also give them opportunites to serve God and others? To find their niche in God’s kingdom?

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged by my “just-a-Mom” status. But yesterday, Twin A. was wandering through the house singing “Walk, walk, walk with God, walking in God’s way. I can learn to do what’s right, every single day!” And it hit me again—the awesome responsibility of raising these boys. There will be plenty of time for a “real job” down the road. For today, I’m shaping and molding little lives to be good neighbors, to love Jesus, and to serve Him with all they’ve got.


Maria Dodson said...

I love it. Great message for me after stuggling all night about whether my 9 month old should get to nurse in the middle of the night or cry it out. Let's jsut say there were opportunies for both options. Thanks for reminding me of the real prize. :)

Llama Momma said...

Maria - the sleep thing can be tricky. This is one area where I'm so glad I had twins -- one was a good sleeper, one wasn't. The reassuring part of this? It wasn't about ME and what I was or wasn't doing. Ignore everyone's advice on this and follow your gut. What do you think is best for this child? Do that. And whatever *that* will be okay. Really.

Maria Dodson said...

Thanks for the advice. I think was just taking the whole thing too seriously - which is easy to do when you are SO tired! :)

MamaToo said...

amen, LM - both on your perspective of raising kids with opportunities to serve, and sleep advice. The topic of your post has been on my heart a lot lately, and it's encouraging to hear another mom seeing the details in the midst of the big picture.
On sleep: ditto to LM (of course, I didn't have twins!) Oh, and Maria - go back and re-read LM's post on napping. :)

Llama Momma said...

mamatoo - I was just thinking the same thing! (On the nap thing.)

Seriously, Maria. You need to take naps. Sleep deprivation can make us do crazy things. Trust me. The house, dishes, and blogs can wait...but the opportunity to nap, ah...seize the moment!!