Monday, May 21, 2007


This morning my husband and kids surprised me with homemade waffles in the shape of—you guessed it—hearts. Is that sweet or what? It’s my birthday today, and in the words of Twin A., “all of these hearts mean we love you.” The waffle maker wasn’t even on my Amazon wish list, so my husband gets huge bonus points for remembering that I wanted one. And all of this is “extra” really; we already celebrated my birthday on Saturday.

One sure-fire way to get what you want on your birthday? Plan it yourself! About six-months ago (maybe more?) I told my husband I wanted to see Wicked. (Well, I told him that 2 years ago, but six-months ago I went online and ordered tickets.) I bought tickets for us and good friends, who also happen to be family, secured babysitting for the day, and it was settled. We’d spend the day in Chicago celebrating my birthday.

We feasted on dim sum in Chinatown, and afterwards, I had a tapioca pearl drink that tasted a lot like body wash. This was the only low spot of the day, really, and at least it provided us all with a good laugh. (Seriously. My all-time favorite tapioca pearl drink back at our old haunt in California is the taro root flavor. It tastes exactly like the milk at the end of a bowl of Captain Crunch. This drink did not. Instead, it resembled the “freesia” scent at bath-and-body works. Actually, LL would probably really like it!)

Wicked was hot. If you have a chance to see this musical, go. In fact, I’ll see it again if you need a friend to go with. This show was amazing. Afterwards, we walked to Garrett’s and bought popcorn. The mix was the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Mmmmm.

I feel blessed to have so many dear friends and family in my life. And enjoying my heart-shaped waffles today with my boys, I’m reminded again of God’s faithfulness to me. “God sets the lonely in families…” (Psalm 68:6)



Frazzmom said...

Yay! Happy birthday! We saw Wicked in LA for our anniversary and loved the show! I can still frequently be seen driving down the freeway singing along to "Popular" much to the chagrin of my teenage son!

Craver Vii said...

That sounds like a great time! Actually, Garrett's popcorn plus ANYTHING is a great time. Mrs. Craver and I try to include their popcorn when we drive downtown for Moody's Front Row Live performances. A few months ago, we enjoyed cheese & caramel popcorn and Selah.

Maria Dodson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LM!!! Have a really great day!

A Musing Mom said...

Hope your day continues the way it started! Have a great one!

L.L. Barkat said...

Sounds like a dreamy birthday. Except the pearls, tapioca. I'm not so sure I would have liked it. My teas taste nothing like body wash. But you're right that I'm a taste adventurer!

Beautiful to hear of God's faithfulness, and your happiness.

spaghettipie said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday llama mommmmmmmaaaaaaa
happy birthday to you!

...and many more...

no better gift than to have a full heart.

I wish you the very best.

Llama Momma said...

Thank you, all, for the well wishes! The day was fun, but twin b. got sick (again) and spent the day on the couch! At the end of the day, he sweetly asked me if this was my "best birthday ever." I said yes, of course. He said, "yes, because you could take care of me and eat those waffles." :-)

Frazzmom -- LOVE that song. All of the songs, actually. But it was funny, there was a teenage girl behind us singing along with all of the music. Ack!

Oh, and welcome to blogland. Officially. ;-)

Craver -- oh, we would love to do a double date with you guys for one of these! LOVE that popcorn, and I've never been to the Moody thing.

LL -- So the flower brews don't taste floral? I meant that in the kindest way, by the way. My palate just isn't sophisticated enough to enjoy that taro root!

clc said...


happy b-day! my b-day is this week too. to think of all the other similarities we have too.

i wanted to see wicked also but it was sooooo sold out. i didn't expect that. maybe next year?

Stacey said...

Happy belated birthday, Llama Momma!! I'm so excited because my very own momma is coming to see me tommorrow and it was her birthday this month so we're going to Wicked. Your birthday story makes me even more excited to go. Thanks for the post.

Llama Momma said...

clc -- buy tickets for whenever they have them available! And that is too freaky on your b-day. We'll just add that to the list. ;-)

stacey -- enjoy the show!! You are going to have a blast.

23 degrees said...

Love this slice-of-life and love the verse(Psalm 68:6) that I do not recall ever reading.



Ted Gossard said...

Happy Birthday, a little late! (you youngsters still celebrate your birthdays!)

Great to hear of the great time you had!

Llama Momma said...

Ted -- thank you for the good wishes and the good laugh! I haven't been called a "youngster" in awhile, but I must say, I greatly prefer it to "ma'am," which makes me feel like I'm a hundred!!