Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Last night I was thinking about Valentine's Day, and I had a flashback to myself at twenty-one. Twenty-one was not a great year for me. A series of unfortunate events had beaten me down, and I was convinced that I was somewhat unlovable. On Valentine's Day, I found myself wandering through Target after work, unsure of what to do with myself on this lonely romantic holiday. That's when I saw it: the heart-shaped waffle maker. It was bright red and made four perfect little heart waffles. I stood there, suddenly weeping, staring at this frivolous household appliance. Would I ever have children to make heart-shaped waffles for? With a tee-shirt declaring, "Men are Scum," I doubted it. (I am not making this up.) The waffle maker represented everything I wanted: someone to love, security, nurturing.

Fast forward ffffftmmmth years to today. My heart and home are full of boys. I read the above story and feel a bit embarrassed to post it. I mean, really, a self-declared spinster at twenty-one? "Men are Scum" on a tee-shirt? Was that really me? But it was me. And the memory of it makes this Valentine's morning even sweeter. I still don't have that waffle maker, but I didn't let that stop me. I got out my cookie cutters and made cute heart-shaped M & M pancakes for the noisy boys. They were duly impressed with my culinary skills, and squealed over store-bought Valentines and a box of conversation hearts. "This is the best Valentine's Day ever!" Twin B declared.

And after opening a heart-felt valentine from my own sweetheart, I have to agree.


Anonymous said...

I remember the "men are scum" girl... Its amazing to look back and see how much God has brought you (and me!) through... Who would've thought (almost 20 years of friendship later!) that we would both be married, doing the mom thing- and happy?!! (Maybe stressed, but happy ;-)
Happy V-Day, friend!
PS My laundry pile is still bigger than yours!!!

Craver VII said...

I think you're having some kind of trouble with your computer, because when it fast-forwarded (quantity) years to today, the years came out as an illegible blur. How many years was that??

By the way, I have a "men are pigs" speech that I give to my daughters. I was reminded of that with the tee shirt you mentioned. However, we will skip the "pigs" apparel.

Llama Momma said...

Frazzmom -- Twenty years? How can that be? Did we really meet when we were only nine years old? ;-) God is good.

Craver -- Ah, computer troubles again. Maybe I need to instert a button? And, on a serious note, men are not pigs. Sometimes they ACT like pigs, but that's another post...

Craver VII said...

It was a Hallmark moment. I told her "all men are pigs."

"But Daddy, that would mean that you're a pig, too."

I breathe deeply, preparing a response.

"Yes honey, you're absolutely right."

(she giggled)

Anonymous said...

You are a good mom ...and a good wife!! Heart shaped M&M pancakes, my boys love your recipes!

A Musing Mom said...

I hope Llama Poppa read this post and is planning to pick up a heart-shaped waffle iron for you today. : )

You're brave to reminisce the ugly times of being single. I only rewind back far enough to remember when I was content as a single (unless I'm annoyed at Musing Dad - then I vigorously remember the miserable days and remind myself of why it's worth it to gut it out through the annoying stuff).

Llama Momma said...

For Now -- Just pancake mix with a few m & m's sprinkled on top while they cook. Though, I will admit, the process was trickier than I imagined it would be. Confession time: during the FIRST batch of pancakes, I poured my batter onto the hot griddle and into a PLASTIC heart shaped cookie cutter. Oops. After cleaning that mess, I found a metal cookie cutter and repeated the process. turns out pancakes are sticky stuff. You really need to spray the cookie cutter before pouring the batter. Third time's a charm, though. ;-)

AMM - I've actually asked for a heart shaped waffle iron in the past...and got a square belgian waffle maker. I haven't seen a heart one lately, or I'd pick it up for myself! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great story! Remembering the past certainly can help us live more fully and gratefully today.

clc said...

to llama papa,


glad you had a great day!

clc said...

sorry, llama papa, wrong link!

that's better.

i hate when the paste control decides to paste something from yesterday.

Llama Momma said...

CLC - thanks for the link! I'm not sure LP slogs through all of these commnets, so just in case I added the waffle maker to my amazon wish list. :-)

L.L. Barkat said...

Amazing how we change, isn't it? (except for a secret wish to have heart-shaped waffles... some things never change :)

L.L. Barkat said...

Hi there. Just stopping by to invite you to today. The food is up (and, if it's okay to say it... it looks tempting!)