Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow day fun

The twins have been very into tinker toys lately. Last week, they made a little person, complete with spiky green hair. "Look!" Twin B exclaimed, "It's Mrs. (name withheld)!" (Who also happens to be blogger, For Now .) Maybe you've got to know For Now to appreciate this. She's very stylish in hair and dress, and sports this cute spiky hairdo that nobody else I know could actually pull off. (Maybe you remember her "candlelight post "?)

Fast forward to today, an honest to goodness snow day. Since finishing their chores, the twins have been working on tinker toy creations and building a gigantic couch-cushion fort in our living room. Twin A just walked into the kitchen, all decked out with a tinker toy mask he made, complete with spiky green hair. "Look, I'm a clown!" Twin A shouted. Twin B excitedly added, "No, no...you look like (For Now )! Except she doesn't have a mustache!"

No she doesn't. And, for the record, she also had very nicely groomed eyebrows. And a great sense of humor!


Craver VII said...

You named your kids "Twin A" and "Twin B?!!"

For Now...'s hubby has kind of a Tom Selleck quality moustache. Mine is more like Veggietales' Mr. Lunt.

I met A Musing Mom! I was so focused on the work I had that day, and didn't realize I could have introduced her to a couple other bloggers. She wrote something about manners today. I should be taking that class, huh?

Anonymous said...

Oh how I LOVE those little guys!!!
Thank goodness they noticed that I DON'T have a mustache!!

Craver - c'mon a Tom Selleck mustache? Do I hear a bit of mustache envy?

Emily said...

I know who for now is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay! I have been reading her comments and I was always curious in this blogger land of alias' that I apparently don't use. Maybe I should change the name that comes up when I post comments. Either way, for now, I think you have found my blog through this one, so thanks for reading!

Llama Momma said...

Craver - You know, the funny thing is I actually get annoyed in real life when people refer to the boys as "the twins," but I do it all of the time on this blog! Oh the hypocracy!!

For Now - Oh and how they love YOU, giver of hand-me-down toys! :-)

Emily - Yes, the land of secret identities. It's so fun to figure out who people are -- like a secret puzzle.