Sunday, February 25, 2007

growing up

Getting ready for church this morning, I heard whispering in the noisy boys’ room.
“Tell her,” Twin A whispers to his brother, “come on!”
Twin B shakes his head, “YOU tell her,” he replies.
“Tell me what?” I interrupt, thinking there must be a terrible mess somewhere in the house.
Twin A looks down, “Well…” he begins.
“Go ahead,” I reassure him, “it’s always better to tell the truth. Always.”
“Okay,” Twin A continues, “we were just wondering, how come you treat us like babies all of the time?”
“What do you mean? How do I treat you like babies?”
“You know,” Twin B chimes in, “always buying us BABY underwear with BABY stuff on it.”
“Ah. So you guys just want plain underwear now, huh?”
“Yeah,” they both respond, visibly relieved to have broken the news to me.

How long did it take them to work up the courage to tell me this, as if I would be gravely disappointed that they no longer want to wear Bob the Builder underpants?

Oh, and after reading my “Survivor” post last week, a friend from church loaned me some extra sleepers for baby B. My husband’s comment? “This blog of yours is really paying off. Maybe you could mention something on there about how much I like the new Honda Odysseys that are coming out?”

Sure, honey. Consider it done. ;-)


For now... said...

Oh those little guys are growing up!! That happens too fast, soon they will be figuring out which one will ask for the car keys!!

A Musing Mom said...

Sorry, no we have no plain boys underwear in this house to pass along.

Llama Momma said...

for now - it does happen fast, doesn't it? It's good thing, though. :-)

AMM - You know, I'm not sure how I feel about hand-me-down underwear. I wouldn't want to wear it myself. I'm not even sure I'll save it for baby b. Well, maybe for those early months of potty training, but after that, I'm thinking we go all new for everyone. No smaller scale thinking when it comes to underwear! ;-)

Craver VII said...

Now I'm not one to start rumors, but I hear that For Now...'s husband still wears Spideroos.

For now... said...

Oh Craver, he finally gave those up. I won't tell you what he's wearing now, I'm not sure he'll appreciate it! I dropped them off at the Clothing Room at church and Mrs. Craver was so excited! She said it was just what she was looking for. OOPS! I guess I just ruined her surprise for your date this week! SORRY!! Just act sursprised!!

Craver VII said...

Mrs. Craver was working in that very clothing room on Saturday, and I stopped by the clinic right across the hall because of abdominal pain. (I think aliens have been testing on my ribcage or spleen or something.)

Anyway, guess what! The person who took care of me knows LM and AMM!! She said she would say, "Hi."

Charity Singleton said...

So they're going from Bob the Builder to just plain white? No in between like Scooby Doo or whoever else they put on underwear these days? (I don't have children, so I'm sort of out of the animated underwear loop).

Those boys of yours sound like they keep you on your toes! How wonderful!

A Musing Mom said...

LM-Oh my! Please don't think I ever actually give away (or accept) used UNDERWEAR. I draw a line on used items and that's a biggie.

Craver - now you have me curious about who was at the clinic. I know more than a few folks who volunteer there. And another secret? Musing Dad & I and our children helped in the construction of the clinic (we're a tool-loving family).

Llama Momma said...

Charity - I would have expected a more gradual shift too - Spiderman, Scooby Doo, Batman. Just one of many unrealistic expectations on my part...

AMM - I would never think you'd put your girls in hand-me-down undies, but we have actually GOTTEN some in hand-me-down bags from bigger boys. Not sure what to do with that.

Craver - are you feeling better? LOVE that health clinic. So...who was the friend?? Like AMM, I have many there! :-)

Craver VII said...

I don't know her name. Her name badge said the name of the church she's from in bold letters, but her name was either "Bolingbrook Health Care," or it was written in teeny weeny letters.

I'm much better. She seemed to think it was a pulled muscle, but I know better. It was probably kryptonite.

And about the undies. That was my late mother-in-law's thing. Every Christmas, we would all get new underwear from my mother-in-law. She was great.

L.L. Barkat said...

Just don't mention the new Honda over on Seedlings right now. With all the talk of simplicity, someone might send your hub a hand-me-down bicycle! (and then he'll make you stop blogging, post haste)