Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Prayers for Daddy

“God,” one of my five-year olds prayed, “could you please keep Daddy safe on his trip? And could you please help the people around him to take good care of him?”

This suppertime prayer brought tears to my eyes last night. It even prompted a good spiritual conversation over supper; well, good until one of the boys realized we were having a Spiritual Conversation. Suddenly, the organic thoughts and ideas stopped, and out came the competitive Right Answers: “God? Jesus? The Bible? Helping Others?”

And speaking of supper, I’ve got to hand it to those marketing folks at Trader Joes. I was so excited to find a roasted vegetable pizza that was low in weight watcher points. Yeah. I was halfway through my reasonable-sized serving, thinking it was not too bad, but it was missing something. Hmmm. What was missing? Oh yeah. CHEESE. How can anyone, in good conscience, make and sell a pizza with no cheese?


WilyHacker said...

If there was no cheese, then it could not be a pizza. Maybe CPK would call it a pizza, but I don't think anything they sell would be called pizza. It's like Mountain Dew in Canada. If there is no caffeine in it, then it really isn't Mt. Dew now is it?.

Craver VII said...

Wilyhacker is right. It's not a pizza, it's... it's... it's an abomination!

A Musing Mom said...

Kids' prayers are often so sweet and so sincere. I learn a lot (about my kids and about prayer) by hearing my kids pray. Hope Llama Poppa hears about that one.

spaghettipie said...

I'd have to agree - no cheese, no pizza. The other thing that gets me is when people call something pizza, and there's no sauce. If there's no sauce, then it's bread with stuff on top...not pizza.

I found your blog through Seedlings in Stone, and the first day I read through the entire first page! I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Llama Momma said...

I'm with you guys! No cheese...no pizza! Maybe I better just stick with salads for the duration of my diet! ;-)

spaghettipie - thanks for stopping by!