Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the urge to grow things

Every spring it comes. This need to plant something in the ground and watch it grow.

The only problem? Our yard is full of big trees, which shade the entire backyard. (Which isn’t a problem during the summer, when the kids are playing outside in the shade!)

But it does create a problem when it comes to growing things.

I’ve used little pots that I have to drag all over the yard to catch an hour of sun here or there. Ask me how that worked. (Yeah. Not so much.)

So when I saw in our Park District guide earlier this year that you could rent a community garden plot not too far from our house, I jumped on it.

The preschooler and I went on the designated day and carefully selected a spot near the water spigot. On Saturday, they opened the plots up.

And, OH MY GOODNESS, the dirt! It’s wonderful.

The kids are jazzed about planting a vegetable garden. (With a few flowers thrown in for good measure.)

We’ll see how excited they are in August on Day 98 of Going to Water the Garden Plot.

But for now? We’re enjoying the dirt.


Carol K. said...

I just got the first round of cool-season veggies in the ground yesterday. Home-grown is always better than store-bought. Good luck with the garden.

ChosenRebel said...

What a great time you guys are going to have. ENVY.

Don't know if you get auto updates from the blog but if not, check out my response to your visit.

Marmot Mom said...

Gardening is from God and kids are from God---voila! The perfect combination!! Take them as early in the day as possible for better results :) Been there!

Marmot Mom said...

...oh, and I almost forgot...plant lots of sunflowers for purposes of immediate gratification!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for your family. I vegetable garden as much as possible around my house, in the landscaping, etc. And though I don't have a nice sunny spot in the back yard to put a garden, I did just make two raised beds in the FRONT YARD! (I think there's got to be a red neck joke about growing tomatoes in the front yard!) Anyway, kudos to your community garden plot!

Llama Momma said...

Our neighbors have a raised bed in their side yard. We don't really have a good spot in the front yard either, or I might try it!

I have to say, though, I'm LOVING the community plot. We're getting to know more people in our neighborhood, and it's a great family activity. Our gardening "neighbor" is a retired trauma surgeon who just got home from a month in Haiti. What a gift to meet him and listen to his stories!!

And if anything actually grows, well, that will be a bonus! :-)

Leslie said...

There are some group in my area trying to get some community gardens going. We have prime space for it in our county, but there's all kinds of red tape holding things up. Did you know gardening is "dangerous?" At least according to our county risk management coalition. It's crazy!

I love that you're taking advantage of the community garden. I hope we can offer one where I am soon!