Monday, April 12, 2010


Do you shop the clearance sales?

After each holiday, I try to stop by Target and Walgreen's and hit their clearance aisles. Easter is always a good one. I buy easter egg coloring kits, plastic eggs, easter grass, and age-appropriate easter toys, if I can find them. Last week, I was able to buy my easter egg coloring kits for next year for 13 cents.

I just tuck them away into my "easter box," and happily pull them out next year, knowing I only spent a few dollars on all this stuff.

I also buy easter candy, if they have any that would be good for baking with. M & Ms for a dollar a bag make great cookies. (And nobody's ever complained about pink and purple M & M cookies in June or July.)


Sues said...

Yes! Love this stuff!!!

Marmot Mom said...

I can't get enough of post-holiday sale shopping!! I have easter egg coloring until the year 2050 (hey, I'm gonna have grandchildren some day, right?)
Had to laugh at the m and m idea, though. AS IF anything sweet could make it past the Eye of Mordor....(or, should I say the four eyes of Mordor?)
The boys can sniff out a candy-cookie hiding place quicker than the blink of an eye...and the Older Boy is SO much worse than the Younger Boy...

Llama Momma said...

Yeah, there's some of that around here, too. But the kids are still small enough, I can hide things without too much effort. And Llama Papa? Well, I figure if he needs a chocolate fix, at least it's a bargain chocolate fix! :-)

SeriousMom said...

I do the same thing, and I just store the extras with my holiday decorations.