Thursday, December 6, 2007

snow joy

The noisy boys are in heaven. Our first snow of the year dumped not just a sprinkling of powder, but a nice, deep layer of sleddable snow. (Is sleddable even a word? And yes, I was an English major. Don’t ever show this blog to my advisor––please!)

The boys raced outside first thing yesterday morning to help Llama Papa shovel. And yesterday when I picked them up from school, I surprised them with new sleds. We hung out on the playground hill until I couldn’t stand it any more. (I really need to remember to wear my long underwear for these extended playtimes.)

And can popcorn and hot chocolate constitute a real meal? There’s protein in the milk, right? And corn, that’s a vegetable? But I digress.

The real problem of the day was with baby b. He stood at the window all morning, watching the noisy boys, pointing and saying, “brrrr!” He brought me his shoes. He brought me his coat. He wanted to play outside too.

Now, you should know that when the noisy boys were babies, they never wanted to play in the snow. Of course, they didn’t really know it was an option. (Cut me some slack, people. Twin babies in the snow? How would I even do that? And why?)

But baby b. sees his options. And he wants to play in the snow. Do you know how hard it is to find snow gear for a one-year old in December? (Ironically, most snow gear sells out before it ever snows. I know. Strange.) I mentioned my crisis to the Moms in the Kindergarten line and asked if anyone had any ideas.

And when I came to pick up the noisy boys in the afternoon, one of the Moms gave me a pair of the cutest, littlest snow boots you’ve ever seen. Inspired by her basement find, I searched through our blue bins of hand-me-downs one more time. And voila! I found a snowsuit! Never mind that it used to belong to my niece. It fits baby b. perfectly!

So if you see a cute little boy outside, with cute little boots and a kind-of-girly purple and teal snowsuit on, give us a wave! We’re loving winter!


Craver Vii said...

Nevermind the vocabulary, what about the content?! "The noisy boys are in heaven? Don't you know what that means?

Yeah, here's what happened today... my family is resting in peace, walked towards the light, gave up the ghost, crossed over to the other side; they're pushing up daisies, and I'm gonna blog about it.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

I'll edit for you, real cheap.

Frazzmom said...

Young Son wore his sister's hand me down pink sleeper on a regular basis one winter. The funny thing was what a great color it was on him- baby girl pink, but it totally brought out the color in his rosy cheeks...

J used to hope that we didn't have a fire during the night 'cause then the firefighters would all know that we were cross-dressing our two year old!

Llama Momma said...

Craver -- ha! I should probably take you up on the editing help. :-)

frazzmom -- Now that's funny. Did you get any pictures? You could torture him with it now. :-)

littlepeepers said...

A favorite dinner memory growing up was the night we had popcorn and icecream for dinner. We thought my mom was really making it a wild and crazy Friday night. Turns out that was all we had in the house to eat, but that is just a detail. So yes, popcorn and hot chocolate is a great and legit meal.

I have been trying to find boots. I have a snow suit with feet and a big stain on it, which would work, but I don't trust the feet part.

Anonymous said...

Just a random thought from a random mom. Something you will sooner or later experience with your kids. Tonight, the Christmas program at school, 3rd - 4th - 5th graders are to arrive at 7:15 to start singing at 7:15. To sing some Christmas songs. I'm thinking an hour, maybe and hour/fifteen. Holy cow!!! Two hours later, they're are doing their final song and they just start singing. A boy in the front row starts puking up his guts. I kid you not! Poor kid. I feel so bad for the boy, secretly thankful it isn't mine. Mine was the one that wasn't singing or doing the hand motions, but at least he wasn't puking, right? The music teacher is just singing along, directing the kids not even noticing this kid in the front row. The kids are holding their noses and trying to get her attention, looking like they are going to drop next. Then finally she sees it. He is still puking. She keeps those kids singing and motions to the vice principal, who is backstage, there is a problem. Then as the boy is directed off stage by the VP, the kids in the front row look like they are going to start hurling any minute. So as she is directing the singing she is also motioning for the kids surrounding the puke to move aside. Now as they finish up their final song for the night they are surrounding this puddle of very pink throw up in the middle of the stage. Priceless.


. said...

Snow? What's snow? I'm pretty sure it was in the 70's here today.

BTW, I posted your interview today!

Llama Momma said...

peepers -- I'll keep my eyes open for boots for your little A.!

Anonymous -- Just a random Mom, ay? (:-)

And the story, oh my. I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

SP -- Thank you for the interview. I thought it would be weird to comment on it myself. Like, oh yeah, check me out...I'm amazing, aren't I? :-)

Anonymous said...

Love that you're loving it. I have been trying to convince my black lab to frolic and play, if only for my enjoyment, but she wants ME to go out there too. I don't have a hand-me-down snow suit. I'm staying inside where it's warm, but so happy to know that the snow is being put to good use!

ChosenRebel said...

I wanted a picture of the boys in the snow, but your words went a long way. Thanks for the smile.

ChosenRebel said...

I wanted a picture of the boys in the snow, but your words went a long way. Thanks for the smile.

clc said...

there was this little llama figurine at the bazaar this weekend and i really wanted to buy it for you!

does this happen to you alot? random people giving you llamas?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post -- and I LOVED Anon's comment.

Thank you for a great start to my day.


Mommy Cracked said...

Awww! Whatever works is what I say! And some little guys rock pink very well! :)