Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where are my chickens?

Every day is an adventure with a preschooler in the house. Honestly, I’d forgotten how cute a three-year old can be. He loves going to school like his brothers (two mornings a week), and helping me with jobs around the house. Amazingly, his favorite “job” right now is cleaning the toilets. And everywhere we go, he checks the bathroom and often announces, “That potty looks dirty. They should clean it.”


But by far my favorite part of this age is watching his imagination explode. Some days, he’s a cat, crawling around and meowing and telling me “the kitty likes to be petted.” Other days, he’s a “good guy,” keeping all the bad guys away with his assortment of pretend guns. (Don’t lecture me. I lost the battle against non-violent toys long ago.)

Even as I type, the preschooler is managing a small farm of chickens in a laundry basket. Invisible chickens, of course, which makes it tricky to play along. He just yelled out, “Mom! My chicken got away!” I tried to grab the invisible chicken, but when I gave it to him, alas, that was not it. He was looking for the OTHER chicken.

So he grabbed two plastic sandwich bags and put them over his hands for “glubs” and is off to recapture the escaped chicken.

All this fun and it’s only 6:08 in the morning.

The farmer has just invited me into the chicken fort and assured me that he’ll keep me safe. Because, according to the farmer, "the chickens really like you."

Which is why I love having a preschooler.


megs @ whadusay said...

I completely agree - they make life so much fun!

Sharon said...

I love the visual I got of you in the laundry basket, with the toddler and pretend chickens...are you wearing your 'glubs'? Chickens CAN be nasty things! You sparked a memory of my girl toddlers 'sledding' in laundry baskets down the stairs...Oh, the fun to be a mom!

Leslie said...

Oh, I loved this. Preschool is such a great time. Makes me miss Julia...who is off at Kindergarten...making someone else's day right now. *sniff sniff*

ChosenRebel said...

Got an anxiety producing email this evening ... tuned into your post ... laughed well ... God is in control. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Awwwwwww. Send him to my house to clean our 4 toilets. :)

Mommy Cracked said...

He sounds like such a delight! I love this!

PattyK said...

All this and heaven too! You constantly remind me of all the things I love about little boys! Your family is so blessed.

Elizabeth said...

It is GOOD to be loved by the chickens and the chicken farmer!

Marmot Mom said...

Toddler Boys! What's not to love??! Thanks for bringing back many, many happy memories of those crazy days!
ox M