Monday, July 6, 2009

baked ice cream

Are you a “YES” Mom? Jill Savage issued a challenge for the month of July over on her blog that’s right up my alley. Saying “yes” to our children instead of “no.” (She’s not talking about the absence of boundaries or never saying “no,” but rather, saying “yes” whenever you can.)

When Twin B. saw this book on clearance at Border’s, he went nuts. “Can I buy it, Mom?”

“Sure,” I told him.

“It’s only $1.99. That’s a good price!” He exclaimed.

“It is. And a good value.”

And so we began our summer of science experiments. There was the raw egg that turned into a bouncy ball when submerged in vinegar…for a week.

Twin B. has spent hours pouring over this book, gathering random supplies, and excitedly conducting experiments.

But the one he really wanted to try, more than anything else, was the baked ice cream. At first, I put him off. “I need to make a trip to the store first,” I told him. “We need more vanilla ice cream.” But he persisted. Every few days he’d ask, “Can we try it tonight?” And I would say “Not today.” It just looked like a big mess.

But if you know me at all, you know that I love to foster my children’s imaginations. If it’s not dangerous or unkind, I’m usually fine with it. (I mean, come on, I let a raw egg sit on my kitchen counter for a week, people!)

So, one night, I said “yes.” We worked together to make the meringue. We put the ice cream on top of cookies. (Cheap, Aldi cookies in case the experiment didn’t work. You wouldn’t want to waste a good cookie on a science experiment.) Then we carefully covered the whole thing with meringue and put it in the oven. For an hour. Now, according to the book, the cream of tartar in the meringue acts as a sort of insulation for the ice cream. But an hour? I started to wonder if that’s why the book was on sale. None of the experiments actually work.

We watched through the oven window while the ice cream slowly melted, and cut bait after forty-five minutes.

We laughed and laughed at the craziness of putting ice cream in the oven for an hour…and then enjoyed “real” ice cream sundaes for dessert.

How about you? Are you a "Yes" mom?


Jill said...

I love it! I love the baked ice cream story! You're a great "yes" mom!

Sarah said...

I love it! I have realized of late that I need to say yes whenever it is possible...even if it is messy! Thanks for the kick in the tush!

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

The best advice someone gave me before I had kids was to "say yes as much as possible." Sure, there are times you have to say no, for safety reasons, or just common sense. Even stating things in a positive way ("hey, guess what? You get to take a bath now!!") can help.
I often try to link a "yes" to their showing responsibility. I'll tell them that because they have done a good job handling one privilege, I will say yes to another one.

Anonymous said...

A science-minded friend of mine pointed out that even failed experiments teach the child something. But I argued that too many failed experiments just turn me off of science altogether. Get a different book that promises better results, and keep saying "Yes!"

What a fun time--those have to be such good memories you're building, and creating an atmosphere that promotes problem-solving, experimentation and play. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful childhood for your boys!

By the way, I just saw a book called Boy-sterous Living, by Jean Blackmer (sp?), celebrating the fun of raising boys. I have three girls and then the Boy, so it's not as applicable to my life as to yours.

Have a great, yes-filled week!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of baked alaska where you put a block of icecream on fruit and cake cover completly with meringue and bake for a short while to set meringue, but never heard of baked icecream.

everydayMOM said...

I might be too much of a yes mom at times. I love having fun with my kids!

The recipe sounds like Baked Alaska, which I've made several times, and it DOES feel like a science experiment. I know the trick is that the meringue has to completely cover every bit of the ice cream so it doesn't leak out.

Your creation looked like it at least created a good laugh, and that's worth the trouble!

Mommy Cracked said...

Now that looks like lots of fun! It's good to be a YES mom sometimes! :)

Cheri said...

Ohhhhhhh man, I am kind of cracking up and kind of sad all at once regarding your little experiment....because I found your blog funny enough by googling "baked ice cream science experiment". My son and I are sitting in our house on a rainy day and decided to make the baked ice cream....we have that exact same book, he smiled when he saw the picture on your blog and then looked at the exact book in his hands! He was suppose to turn in an experiment to school tomorrow that needed the sun to work.... but because we have had nothing but rain lately we needed an alternate. I am SOOOOOO bummed it did not turn out, now we need to go back to the drawing board I suppose. Thanks for sharing your fun" and I too needed the kick in the pants about being more of a "yes" mom! :)

Cheri said...

I had to pop back over here to tell you that we actually got the experiment to work..much to my relief as I was ready to throw the towel in with trying to find just the right science experiment for my son's school project....I just blogged about it if you are interested :)

I am so glad you blogged about this..and so glad we found it!! :) Enjoy your day!