Wednesday, May 20, 2009

potty training


A week ago today, the toddler got up and asked, “Can I wear undies and use my little potty today?"

And I said, um, “SURE!”

It’s been three steps forward, two steps back, but all in all he’s doing great. And today? Today he pooped on the potty.

I know. It’s TMI. But at my house we’re throwing a party! Well, not really, but we are doing a lot of dancing and clapping. Stop by and we’ll teach you the “potty dance.”

Good times. I can’t believe my “baby” is using the potty. And for the record? Potty training one at a time is a lot easier than two at a time. (At least it has been at my house.)



Kimberly said...

Yay! That's awesome! We are in the midst of this too with our daughter, and potty dances definitely are the hit of the day when they happen.

LeeAnn said...

You need to celebrate with a chocolate cake- 'wart cake' style!

Becky said...

No matter how difficult it may seem you can be grateful that the progress is so fast...I work with so many families of 7, 9, 16 years old who are still hoping this might happen for their child...

Carol said...

At least he didn't decide it was time to wear the undies the day before you leave on a 12-hour roadtrip like one little girl I know :~) Good luck.

Marmot Mom said...

When my son was born 27 months after my daughter, I agonized over every little detail of the big transition.
How would this affect her potty training?
Would she feel displaced when we moved her into a bed and her brother got her crib?
What about sharing her room with him?

When Little Brother was 3 months old we decided it was time to move him out of the bassinette in our room and into the room they would share. Her reaction???
She was thrilled about having a roomate; when her "big bed" was set up she took one look at the old crib and said "Give it to Daniel!" and she was completely potty trained by the end of that week.

Hilarious!! Taught me a lot about how little I accomplish by worrying and how great it is when God brings things together---inspite of me!!

Anonymous said...

yay! you are blessed to have such easy little guy!

Potty Training Nanna said...

He is such a smart kid! He is soo cute to just let you know that he can use the potty :-)