Thursday, January 22, 2009


I enjoy cooking. Multigrain waffles from scratch, homemade granola, Alton Brown buttermilk pancakes… the noisy boys know good food when they taste it.

Last week they went grocery shopping with me, and begged me to buy these. (It was Aldi, so hey, at least they were cheap.)

(Note -- ours didn't have the chocolate chips, though I'm sure that would have made a lovely addition to an already oh so nutritious breakfast!)

Last Monday I made them for the first time. Just unwrap, heat in the microwave for a minute, and voila. Breakfast on a stick.

Twin B. exclaimed, “This is the best breakfast you’ve EVER made!”

Twin A. agreed. "Yeah, this is a HIT, Mom. Put this on the 'family favorites' list."

And the toddler? He was too busy scarfing his down to say much of anything.

Alrighty then. It's good to know where I stand!


A Musing Mom said...

Slooowly those tastebuds will develop. Don't give up on them now, cuz there's bound to be a woman in each of their lives someday who will appreciate that they don't scrunch up their faces at fine foods.

In the meantime, thank the Lord they'll eat those quick-fix meals and let you off the hook occasionally.

AMM (who has been fighting to get veggies in her brood this week and listening to lots of gagging along the way)

Jenny from Chicago said...

Ha! I love this story. Mostly because they give YOU credit for making them a great breakfast.

Anonymous said...

As the mother of a kid who *adores* veggie corn dogs I can only laugh. I could never stomach one of those but then again, I was never breast fed, either! chocolate chips and sausage, oh boy! suzy

Marmot Mom said...

I don't know about your boys, but mine would just as soon eat ALL their meals on a stick!! The only thing better would be if they were half-dressed and running around the back yard swinging a club in one hand and a pancake-and-a-sausage-on-a-stick in the other.
You know me, I say stock up the freezer with 50 or so packages, sit back and enjoy a few moments of bliss. There are plenty of years ahead for vegetables and whole grains:) (P.S. If they start tearing their clothes off and running for the back yard, be sure to take some pictures for me!!:) )

Llama Momma said...

Marmot Mom -- LOL!!!