Wednesday, May 28, 2008

more stuff about me

Several weeks ago, LL Barkat tagged me over on her Green Inventions Central blog. Then on Monday, my friend 23 Degrees tagged me with the same meme.

It’s meant to be.

So here you go: six random things about me.

1. Coffee is not optional. In fact, when I was in the hospital with my gall bladder, I had to wait until the next day to have surgery. (The surgeon was busy watching some sporting event.) So I spent the whole next day fasting, waiting for the surgeon, and ended up on narcotics for a killer caffeine headache.

2. The day before my gall bladder attack, I went to a Tastefully Simple party at a friend’s house. I never ate any of the items that I bought. In fact, they sat in a box for seven or eight months before I finally opened it and gave them all away. I just couldn’t face the beer bread.

3. I love school supplies. New pencils, notebooks and markers give me a thrill. I always loved fall, going back to school, and new school supplies give me this same feeling of a fresh start.

4. I have no sense of direction. Seriously. If you tell me to turn south at the light, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

5. I don’t cry very often, but when I do it’s often inappropriate. I can sit across from a friend and listen to the horrific story of some injustice done to her and never flinch. But take me to the zoo with a group of happy kids, and I will weep. I know. I need therapy.

6. I’m stopping at five things, cause I’m a rebel that way. Which is actually the sixth thing. Sort of.

If you don’t want to play, that’s fine, but I tag a Musing Mom, Marmot Mom, FrazzMom, Mama of a whole lot of Drama, Mommy Cracked, and just to prove that I don’t JUST read blogs with MOM in the title, Linda.


Suzie said...

I like you sense of rebellion very healthy

Linda said...

Thanks for the nudge! I've actually posted something! I visited your blog today and saw the tag and I knew that this was my sign to get busy again.

kirsten said...

hi llama mama - i'm stopping by because we have a mutual friend in 23 degrees.

i loved reading your list!! i am totally with you on coffee not being optional!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Suzie haha Love the facts!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm with you on the coffee not an option part!

Llama Momma said...

Suzie -- thanks! Rebellion can be a very good thing. Or not. I've been on both sides of that one. :-)

Linda -- You're welcome. I'm glad to hear your voice again.

Kirsten -- I've lurked on your blog many times, but ya'll are so deep over there, I get insecure about commenting. (I LOVE the posts, don't get me wrong!) Now I'm feeling like one of the cool kids because here you are -- KIRSTEN -- commenting on MY blog! :-) And any friend of 23 degrees is a friend of mine. He's a great guy.

Llama Momma said...

Kelseyh -- I had to look at how you spell your name four times to post this reply. Wow, woman. Thanks for stopping by!

SP -- Someday. Someday we will sit down and enjoy a hot cup of java together. :-)

Erika Haub said...

I totally laughed at the coffee remark. After one of my baby-related surgeries, I kind of lied about whether I had "passed gas" yet because I knew that once I did I could have coffee again. Pitiful, I know, and I ended up in severe gas pains that lasted days because of it. Can you say addict?

23 degrees said...

LM, I knew you would turn this random idea over in your head and reconsider. You had me totally goin' on the coffee comment—oh man!

And thanks for the plug: "Nice," oh well, I have been trying to re-paint myself as "dangerous" with some rodeo-clown comments, so if you could tone that "nice" part down a little...

Glad you and Kirsten connected (she's gluten-free). I just like throwing that around for some reason.

And btw, YOU my friend, are VERY cool!

Llama Momma said...

Erika -- UGH! Lying about these matters is rarely helpful. I've learned to throw myself at the mercy of my nurses and tell the whole truth. "I'm addicted. Please help." :-)

23 degrees -- Aw, shucks. Thanks. I'll try to think of another adjective that means "nice" in a super-cool kind of way. (How about describing you as the kind of guy who when passing through town with his wife and kids would stop and say "hey" AND mow the lawn of a tired, overworked Mom whose husband is traveling for business?)

23 degrees said...

LM, thanks. I am afraid if I told the blog world what kind of friends you and Mr. Llama have been to us, there would be no comparison to those few blades of mowed grass. Not even close. But it isn't about comparing, it's about community, caring, loving your neighbor (active) as you love yourself.

I am crying right now—tears of a clown...a dangerous RODEO clown.