Friday, March 30, 2007


Yesterday, a musing mom and I gathered up all of our children and trekked to the Planetarium. A musing dad joined us too, which was nice since we had six kids between the two families. The noisy boys have been learning about the planets in preschool, so it was a home run with them.

Today our old playgroup is coming over, so I’m brewing coffee and digging out an extra box of cheesy crackers for snack time. When I told the noisy boys their friends were coming to play, they immediately asked if they could go to build-a-bear. Of course. The last time we were at the mall they asked, and I told them we would organize a trip with their friends sometime.

“But you said we could go!” Twin B. exclaimed.
“Not today, boys,” I responded, “Today we’re going to play at our house.”
“Oh, man. We never get to do ANYTHING!” Twin B. followed up.
“Yeah.” Twin A. chimed in. “EVERYONE in our preschool has been to Build a Bear except for us.”

Right. Everyone has done a lot of things we haven’t done. Never mind that their Mom values time in museums over trips to the mall. So, more lessons this morning on contentment and having enough and being grateful. It’s black and white when I’m teaching the kids—so easy to see that they have plenty and need to be grateful and content. But I need to learn this lesson too. How many times have I grieved God with my complaining? How often has He blessed me, only to hear me say, “But I really wish it had been…” I need to learn this lesson about enough too.

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Ted Gossard said...

Llama Momma, Nice to hear of the time you had with friend and children. Good to reflect on our need to grow and live out what we teach to our children. Our lives in the long run will speak even more than our words. Good when they match well. Even when that means the lesson of confession of our sins to God and others. I could have done better myself, though we tried to do the best we could, in general over the time.