Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We just got home from a last-minute “just-one-more-vacation” trip to Door County. We rented a cottage and soaked up the last week of summer break.

What fun.

(Remind me to tell you about the fifteen-dollar bowl of soup.)

The cottage we stayed in was sort of, how should I say, rustic. Or maybe just old. In any case, when we walked in, the boys’ reactions were priceless.

The Preschooler: “Oh, wow! Awesome! We have our own microwave and everything!

Twin B: “Well, at least it’s clean.”

Twin A: (after walking through the whole cottage) “I wouldn’t want to live here for my house, but it’ll be fine for vacation.”

And so it was.

We made hot cocoa in our very own microwave, biked through Peninsula State Park, swam in the lake, and ate ice cream at Wilson’s almost every day.

Tomorrow, the noisy boys go back to school. In the middle of summer, I never think I’ll be ready for school again. But right about now, I am. I’m ready for the routine and the early mornings and busy schedules. So are the boys.

Stay tuned for the story of the Really Expensive Soup.

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