Tuesday, March 24, 2009

shopping and toddlers

It’s like pickles and peanut butter—they’re both great, but they just don’t go together very well. Now, usually the toddler is a good sport, and we have a nice time shopping.

Today was not one of those days.

He didn’t take his nap, which happens now and then. (Especially since he needs to nap early, so he’s up in time to walk the noisy boys home from school.) The plan was to have a snack, do homework, and head to the shoe store. (Buy one, get one half off!)

This is usually a fairly simple process. Measure feet. Pick out shoes. Try shoes on. Buy shoes.

Not today.

Today it was, “pull shoes out of the box and try them on without even checking the size because Mom is totally busy chasing our wild maniac toddler brother around the store to keep him from destroying things.”

Yeah. One of those.

I declared defeat after about twenty minutes, and we headed to the van. “We’ll have to come back later, guys. Without your little brother.”

About halfway home it sunk in, and Twin A. said, “You mean all of that was for nothing?”

“Yup,” I confirmed.

“Oh, come on!” He moaned.

I couldn’t agree more. Now on to the dinner hour. Always an adventure!


megs @ whadusay said...

Unfortunately I can relate all to well to this post. They definately make life interesting. :)

Mommy Cracked said...

Shopping with little ones, especially when there is trying on clothing involved is just so! much! fun!

Maria Dodson said...

I feel you, Sister! I had the opposite experience today. The boys decided that 5am was a good time to start our day today and my husband and I were unable to persuade the toddler to stay in bed a few more hours. I decided to do a fairly simple arrend that required a 20 minute drive with my toddler and my infant. For some reason they decided to have issues at the same time and I stopped at Shari's to nurse the baby and get the toddler some food. Let me just say, when the three of us went to the bathroom...because I had to pee SO bad...it was mayhem! I was probably being too optimistic when I tried to run our arrends today and I paid for it. I should have waited for a morning where we were all better rested.