Friday, February 20, 2009


Anyone know where to find it?

Between three kids, a husband engaged in a job search, writing a novel, and trying to be a halfway decent friend to the people who hang with me in real life, (Hi Dianne! Hi Dana!) I can't seem to keep up with my blog.

I'm still writing, though. I'm working my way through the young adult novel I wrote in November, and joined a critique group to help with the editing process. I officially hate my novel now, but everyone else seems to think it has potential, so I'm sticking with it.

Like everyone else in the Midwest, I'm tired of winter and ready for spring. We're expecting another big snow this weekend, so a few more trips down the sled hill are definitely on the agenda.

And hot chocolate. That's on the agenda too.


LeeAnn said...

What is this 'balance' that you speak of? Is it perhaps related to that other mysterious state of being known as peace and quiet?

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Balance requires constant adjustment, and also focus. It's like sitting or kneeling on one of those exercise balls--you have to find your focus, and make adjustments all the time.
For me, the focus has to be Christ. When things get out of whack, it's often because I look away, or I get rigid and don't adjust.
Keep writing that novel! If you're like me, writing may not bring balance, but it's necessary for sanity.

Sarah said...

Just cut out sleep. Eating. Bathing. Laundry. Cooking. Homework. That should do it!

WilyHacker said...

If you need more balance, the Wii Fit should help. :-)

clc said...

hi robyn! what's up with the ads?

Anonymous said...

...right back at ya!!!!
love ya! and keep writing!!!

Shoebee said...

Hey, when you find that balance thing you are talking about, please send dome my way.
Keep up the writing, just think, you could be the next J K Rowlins

Marmot Mom said...

Hey, I found that balance thing.

It was on my craft table that became my tax table where all the things were pushed aside the other night by the guys, so it could become their knife-sharpening table.

Yeah, turns out it was right under that pink fabric I was going to use to make those baby quilts to donate to the health center. I just couldn't see it at first because it was covered up by that bag with the new bottles of dog medicine we got from the vet--and, of course, that newspaper with the grocery coupons I have to clip out.

Drop me a line, and I'll send it right over :)

PattyK said...

I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED with all that you get done. And your novel ROCKS. Nobody can do it all. When you're on your book tour, you can hire a maid!