Friday, December 5, 2008

first snow

Monday morning we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. Oh the excitement! We pulled out all our snow gear (no small feat) and did a happy dance while we walked to school. And after school, being the fun Mom that I am, I suggested we go sledding.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We had snacks and bundled up and headed for our favorite snow hill. The big one. And that’s where my plan began to unravel.
The hill itself was great. The noisy boys enthusiastically grabbed their sleds and ran to the top while I walked with the toddler. Very, very slowly.

By the time we got to the top, I wondered if maybe I should have taken the boys to a smaller hill, since sledding was a new thing for our toddler.

I climbed onto the red sled with him and off we went down the hill. He loved it. “Fast! Fast! More fast?” he said when we got to the bottom. Of the really big hill.

We started the long climb up and were about a quarter of the way there when his boot slipped off the first time. The snow was deep and his hand-me-down boots weren’t a perfect fit. So I put boot back on, letting go of the sled in the process. Great. Back down the hill I went, to get the sled. Then up the hill again, with the toddler and his retarded boots. We were about halfway up when the toddler sweetly asked, “Mommy carry you?” He was tired.

So I carried the toddler and the sled up the very big hill.

It was a long afternoon.

Thankfully, the promise of hot cocoa lured everyone off the hill.


Anonymous said...

oh, you are such a good mom! I remember walking to the big hill, moti took ellie up to sled and because she was scared - I sat, in the snow, with abbie and we played with all the while stuff. I think I was pregnant at the time! now abbie would rock that hill but at the time she wouldn't even consider it! go llama mama!

Mommy Cracked said...

You deinitely got the Best Mom Ever award that day! Those are the memories they will remember!

Jenny from Chicago said...

A great workout! Phew, I think I burned calories just reading about it.
Of course, now I feel guilty that I've NEVER taken my children sledding, but I think guilt burns calories too, right?