Tuesday, October 16, 2007


People ask me all the time: are the twins different? Oh my. Yes. Here’s a snippet of conversation from tonight to illustrate. (For anyone living on another planet who doesn’t know about “booing,” someone secretly leaves a bag of candy at the door along with a picture of a goblin with a cute Halloween poem instructing you to “boo” six friends within 24 hours. Because Lord knows we all need more candy in our homes.)

Twin B: I can’t believe we got booed!
Twin A: Yeah. I wonder who did it?
Twin B: It was the HALLOWEEN GOBLIN.
Twin A: No. It was one of our FRIENDS. Goblins aren’t real.
Twin B: Mom! Are goblins real?
Me: No. Goblins aren’t real. This is just a fun thing everyone does for the kids, but the goblin thing just comes from Target.
Twin B: (coming out of the bathroom) There’s a goblin in the toilet.
Me: There’s not a goblin in the toilet. Now, everyone get your clothes in the hamper and put on your pajamas.
Twin A: I can’t. There’s a goblin in there.
Twin B: (dancing) Three little witches riding on a broom…
Me: There are no witches and no goblins. Put your clothes in the hamper.
Twin B: (singing and dancing) Witches! Goblins! Witches! Goblins! Are all real because it’s HALLOWEEN!
Twin A: (looking out the window) Here comes a real goblin, Mom. I’m serious.
Twin B: Boo! Boo! The scary goblin is coming for you!
Twin A: (screaming)
Me: You’re not helping, B.
Twin A: I hate witches and goblins. Can I have another Kit Kat?
Twin B: Can I have another Kit Kat?

At least they can agree on something they both like.


Tina Kelley said...

Hi, I'm doing a newspaper story on automatic flush toilets and children and potty training and saw an interesting comment from you on another blog. Please email me at tinapetekate@yahoo.com if I can talk to you about this. Thanks! Tina

Emily said...

I like the screaming part.

Llama Momma said...

emily -- yes. The screaming is nice, isn't it?

MamaToo said...

I love the play-by-play, especially the singing & dancing. Sounds like there's lots of dancing at your place, too. :)